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Enjoying a long Winter?

We are in the midst of a few things around this same general time period: Winter, Valentine’s Day, and Mardi Gras. As I post this, I’m realizing we’re not through with winter just yet. We’re expected to get 4-8″ of fresh white snow *and freezing rain* in the next 24 hours…

Simple Treasures

What a surprise ~ Fall has arrived in all her glory! Went for a walk and couldn’t resist picking up all the pretty colors, dipping them in hot wax and preserving them to enjoy inside for a spell during this cool turn of weather. May you also have time to enjoy some of these simple treasures!

A Season of Hope

Although we can’t be out and about doing what we’re used to, (due to the Covid-19 virus), I encourage you to find joy and hope in the little things currently in your life. We’ve been given this opportunity to slow down and connect to those we love in a different way. Take this moment in time to do that.

Christmas Wishes

Thank you for your support of my business this past year. Here’s to a wonderful season celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus. May it be full of joy and love of family and friends!

Mighty Mac

I had the opportunity to see the great Mackinac Bridge again recently.  It was nice to go  with my husband, who crossed it for the first time!  We also took the time to beach-comb on Lake Huron.  The water is so high right now in the Great Lakes that very few treasures were found. Don’t despair – I have many jewelry-grade pieces of beach glass to fill your need!




Not goodbye…….

…..but see you later.  My Mom was one of my biggest fans when it came to my beach glass business.  We would talk by phone sometimes while I was beach-combing, describing to her the sunrise I just witnessed, the treasures I had found, or the beautiful conditions of the day. She would joke that I put her to work for her room & board sorting beach glass while she visited me. True. She will be greatly missed now that she’s gone on to heaven. Also true.  Not goodbye, but see you later Mom!

O Holy Night!

……it is the night of our dear Savior’s birth! This interesting piece of sandstone was collected by my husband this summer on the shores of Lake Michigan – when it was warm enough to be on the beach!  I immediately spotted the Holy Family: Joseph, Mother Mary, and baby Jesus. May you experience a truly blessed Christmas season, and a healthy, happy New Year!


Have you made your list, and checked it twice?!? Here we are in full swing and anticipation of the season. I hope you have time to slow down and visit with friends and family while enjoying some of your traditions leading up to Christmas!