Hello Dolly!

Recently found on the shoreline, I initially thought this was the handle of a tea cup.  Once washed off (and with the proper glasses!) I determined that it was the arm of a doll. Note the small indication of cupped fingers. The term china doll is used to refer only to glazed porcelain dolls. Dolls that have a matte finish where the skin tone was more life-like are considered bisque dolls. Initially made as children’s toys, china/bisque dolls later…

Peaceful, easy feelin’

What a great way to end a beautiful day. The lake was still and the sunset lasted a long time in the orange phase.  This paddle boarder had the right idea about spending every last minute on the water that evening.

Quick Trip to a Favorite Place

I was fortunate to be able to spend last week having fun in the sun on Hilton Head Island. Wide swings in the tide brought opportunities to find what was left at the high-water mark. Because of the rough wave action, it’s rare to find an intact shell or other sea treasure. These were the few pieces I found that were whole, or nearly whole. And I’d hate to step on that barbed piece!

Varied Activities on the Beach

Saw all kinds of transportation on and near the beach today: Airplanes, Speed boats, paddle boards, swimmers, walkers and runners! It was a great day to be outside near the water.  It was a very clam day, with many pebble beds to search through.  Finds? A bit of everything: a variety of colors of beach glass, large and small crinoids, as well as many beautiful rocks and pebbles.  In all….a perfect day at the beach!

A Little Update

This is a great, colorful pile of beach glass ready for the workbench!  I can envision a couple dozen wine charms or sets of earrings.

Tell me if you have your own idea: I’d love to customize something for you!